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founder Maharishi Ideal India Campaign

Ideal Society


A Scientifically Validated Programme

It is need and demand of time to launch Maharishi Ideal Society Campaign. We need to bring mass level awareness of theory and practical programmes of creating ideal individuals, ideal society, ideal nation and ideal world family. The programme is very simple. We need to introduce eternal principles of Ved and Vedic Literature-Vedic Education in mainstream of education, for every student as well as every grown up citizen in order to create Ideal Citizens, they will form Ideal Society, they will establish Ideal Nation, they will maintain Integrity of Ideal World Family, they will enjoy Invincible and Peaceful Family of Nations and finally they will celebrate Descend of Heaven on Earth establishment of Ram Rajya, where all good will belong to every one and no good will belong to no one.


When we say Ramrajya, a large number of people think it has some thing to do with religion. In reality Raj Rajya is a scientific principle of highest level of governance of life, which could be adopted by any one, without having feelings and restriction of any religion. In Shri Ramcharit Manasa, Goswami Tulsidas Ji has described very well Ram Rajya in Uttarkand.