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Every Thing is Vedic

Lets explore what are the areas in human life, we need to look into and in-clude Vedic wisdom to make these com-plete, more effective and useful. These could be Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment and Forest, Government, Defence, Administration, Management, Economy, Finance, Human Resource Development, Law and Justice, Trade and Commerce, Business and Indus-try, Culture, Architecture, Rehabilita-tion, Politics, Religion, Arts and Culture, Communication, Information and Broadcasting, Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology, Youth Welfare, Social Welfare, Natural Resources, Rural De-velopment, Women and Child Welfare.

Vedic principles and technologies will complement and strengthen these areas of life and indomitable influence of Sattwa (coherence) will penetrate every fiber of national life, national consciousness will have new awakening, rising purity in it and India will be much strong and vital. Individual ego of Indian Administrators will rise to National Ego, national ego will rise to Cosmic Ego; they will be administrators of Natural Law, supporting and glorifying every citizens path of progress and creating an Indian Administration in India.