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Vedic Defence

Prevention Oriented Ultimate Invincible Defence

"It is clear that on the basis of power of armament, peace will never be lasting; and the power of negotiation, being devoid of power, will always be baseless. 'Peace on a permanent basis can only be established on the basis of nourishing power-invincible nourishing power. Such an eternally nourishing power is available in the evolutionary power of Natural Law, which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order and harmony."
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The UNESCO charter states: "War begins in the minds of men." Maharishi's Unified Field Based Science of Consciousness points out, moreover, that war begins not in the individual minds of politicians or generals, but rather in the collective consciousness of entire societies.

Peace-creating groups practicing Maharishi's Unified Field Based technologies, act from the level of total Natural Law to prevent terrorism and war by dissolving stress in the collective consciousness before it can break out as social violence.

Defence against Space Warfare, Chemical Warfare, Biological Warfare, Genetic Warfare, Information Warfare, and all possible systems of Warfare developing

Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defence is timely for every nation including India. Our government must be aware that a new theme of invasion is sweeping the world, and India is no exception.

Physiological, sociological, political, and economic storms are being created in different countries that baffle the population, divide the country into pieces, weaken the nation, and maneuver a 'quite takeover'.

Space exploration has advanced so much that anything on earth can be destroyed without anyone knowing who is destroying and from where the shots are coming.

A simple-looking man will carry in his pocket a small instrument to locate any object on earth in terms of its longitude and latitude. He will relay the information to the nearest secret station from where it will be transmitted by satellite to the space war station, and from space the target will be hit and the network of spy systems on the ground will take over the administration.

The takeover of any country, in a matter of minutes, is completely possible today with advanced space war strategy. There are governments who are quietly and secretly spreading a network of information in the guise of improving the economy and in the name of industrial development. There is no security for any nation from the strategy of space war. Other horrible strategies of the enemy could be chemical warfare, biological warfare to spread diseases, and it could be genetic engineering.

In the glamour of economic development through foreign aid, unimaginable danger is hovering on the horizon of every nation. Today the sovereignty of any nation or the sovereignty of its flag is in danger.

A Prevention Wing

A PREVENTION WING in the military is the only savior from space war, chemical war, biological war, war strategy through genetic engineering, and information war. It is no more a choice for any Military; a PREVENTION WING in the military is the absolute requirement of the Defence Ministry of every country. Any sense of scientific research in the field of defence must wake up to defence through the 'Field Effect'-the Maharishi Effect.

If the researchers in the field of defence do not wake up to this requirement, then they are only following the old, obsolete footprints of the scientific research of classical days. For centuries fighting with this research has not brought any solution to the wars.

All this is being said to alert administration that this is not the time and this is not the topic that can be postponed. The factor of time is very, very important. Any loss of time will be a loss of opportunity because the enemy (in the guise of friendship) is moving fast everyday from all directions.


A government is worthy of the name only if it has the ability to prevent problems. A PREVENTION WING is the only safety and security from the possibility of multi-directional attacks on the nation-the creation of a PREVENTION WING in the military to fortify defence on the level of invincibility is the only means to secure survival. A PREVENTION WING in the military is the ultimate defence strategy; it is an absolute requirement because the military has the responsibility for defending the nation.

Through a PREVENTION WING in the military, peace and order will reign in the country, and the national Constitution will be supported, enriched, and upheld by the invincible organizing power of the Constitution of the Universe-national administration will rise to the supreme efficiency of Nature's Government.

Unified Field Based Defence

This Approach to Defence constitutes a direct technological application of the unified field. Because it works at the deepest, most powerful and holistic level of Natural Law, its effects are pervasive and inescapable. It can overpower-and effectively disarm-conventional technologies of offence based on the electronic, chemical, biological, or nuclear levels. Yet it is inherently safe, despite its power, because it is based on the application of a completely holistic level of Natural Law, which has the ability to destroy the enmity in the enemy and transform it into friendliness.


Published research confirms that when one per cent of the population practices the Transcendental Meditation Programme, or the square root of one percent of the population practices the TM-Siddhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, a powerful influence of coherence and positivity is enlivened in the entire collective consciousness of the nation, creating the Maharishi Effect. The Maharishi Effect creates an invincible armour of defence for the nation, which can never be penetrated by any outside negative influence.

Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defence, offering invincibility will create conflict-free politics, problem-free governments, and a permanent state of world peace.