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India Will Achieve

Vedic India-Land of Knowledge- Land of Accomplished Saints, Land of Devatas-Land of Fullness, Organised India, Progressive India, Organised India, Self-Sufficient India, Holistic India, Educated India, Scientific and Technologically Advance India, Clean India, Glorious India,Dignified India, Golden India, Healthy India, Happy India, Energetic India, Dignified India, Prosperous India, Shining India, Traditional India, Spiritual India, Religious India, Generous India, Compassionate India, Friendly India, Strong and Powerful India, Secured India, Crime Free India, Terror Free India, Peaceful India, Enlightened India, Invincible India, IDEAL INDIA, World's Spiritual Leader India and finally Heavenly India, a guiding light perpetuating Harmony and World Peace for dear Family of Nations.

We will witness, cherish and celebrate the resolution of our Vedic Masters:

May all be prosperous and happy, may all be from sickness, may all experience auspicious and spiritually uplifted, may no one suffer.

Next Step

We know what knowledge and programmes we have, we know what we want to achieve for our citizens, for society and for our dear nation. Lets move to next step now, which is to identify major areas of our day-to-day life, complement by adding Vedic knowledge in all these areas one by one, design courses and packages of every aspect and then start bringing the knowledge to awareness of Indian Citizens for their benefit.

Very basis of our programme to es-tablish Ideal India is to increase coherence and purity in collective consciousness. We have well documented, time tested and scientifically proven programmes for rais-ing quality of life, raising quality of collec-tive consciousness of the society and to provide enlightenment and peace to ev-ery individual and to provide invincibility to every nation. Transcendental Medita-tion, TM-Siddhi Programme, Advance Techniques and Yogic Flying are the key programmes for achieving our goal. Be-fore we go on other areas of life, it will be good to understand TM and related programmes first.