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Vedic Administration Approach

Automation in Administration

"Now that the technology to enliven absolute administration on the individual and collective levels of consciousness is completely available, it is possible to establish the perfect, ideal system of administration on every level-family, community, city, state, nation, and the whole world-and create administration on a par with the perfect administration of the universe."
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

For administration to be scientific it has to be Vedic Administration, because Vedic Administration is administration supported by both approaches of science-the objective approach of science and the subjective approach of science-the objective approach of modern science and subjective approach of Vedic Science-and if the study of administration is not supported by the principles of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc., then administration cannot be scientific. All theories of modern science uphold all disciplines of Vedic Science because Vedic Science is fundamental to modern science.

Vedic Education develops in every individual the spontaneous ability to think and act according to the evolutionary direction of Natural Law, and enables him not to violate Natural Law and therefore not to create problems for himself and others; and Vedic Health Care, offering prevention and cure without poisonous side effects, maintains a healthy individual and a disease-free society. In such a natural atmosphere of enlightenment in perfect health there will be no reason for people to violate or revolt against national law. This will lead to Automation in Administration.

A large body of scientific research on Transcendental Meditation with reference to education and health documents the practicality of accomplishing Automation in Administration through this Vedic approach to administration.

The ideal of administration is the Administration of Natural Law, which automatically, spontaneously, and naturally governs the universe with perfect order. This has given us confidence that if the administration of any country through national law is raised to the level of the automation of the Cosmic Administration of the universe through Natural Law, through Vedic Education and Vedic Health Care, the whole population will always enjoy enlightenment, health, and happiness, and this is the direct means to create Automation in Administration.

The means to enjoy the full value of Vedic Administration is to develop Vedic Consciousness. Only the Vedic Consciousness of the individual and the Vedic Collective Consciousness of the nation can provide a basic foundation for Vedic Administration, which is Administration through Natural Law.

It should be noted that every level of administration is administered by the collective consciousness of the nation; this is why it is vital that Vedic Education and Vedic Health Care join hands in developing Vedic National Consciousness-coherent, integrated collective consciousness.

The clarion call of time today invites the innovative, creative, fortunate leaders of all organizations and their wise members and followers, who have a sincere desire to serve the nation, to favour the knowledge and programmes of Maharishi's Vedic Administration and join hands in creating a supreme quality of administration for a supreme quality of national life.

Vedic Administration will infuse the nourishing quality of Cosmic Administration in national administration through five approaches simultaneously:

  1. Introducing the study of total Natural Law-Vedic Study-on all levels of education, so that every aspect of life blossoms in the full dignity of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law;
  2. Creating integrated national consciousness by engaging groups of Yogic Flyers-'A Group for A Government'-on every level of government-national, state, district, city, and panchayat;
  3. Introducing the knowledge of Yog (unifying quality of intelligence), Jyotish (all-knowing quality of intelligence), Graha Shanti (pacifying and calming quality of intelligence), and Vastu Shanti (quality of intelligence upholding relationship), to ensure that everyone's life, fully supported by Natural Law, is always in the evolutionary direction, and that national administration, upheld by Nature's Administration, is free from problems.
    These Vedic Programmes have been practiced by knowledgeable people in all states of India throughout the ages, but have never been made available to the whole population through the government. Therefore the whole population has been deprived of this Indian Knowledge-Vedic Knowledge, which promises perfectio
  4. Vedic Administration will have a special feature to its administration: the ABILITY TO PREVENT PROBLEMS. The Vedic System of daily living according to Natural Law has the ability to prevent problems from arising-Heyam duhkham anagatam.
  5. Through Vedic Administration, the government will make new laws for the total development of the individual and every community on the basis of the most fundamental Laws of Nature structured in the field of intelligence, which blossom into the Tanmatra (the intelligence of the elements), which in turn evolve into the Pancha Mahabhuta (the five essential constituents of creation), which in turn evolve into the material creation.
    This fundamental field of intelligence-the lively home of all the Laws of Nature-being the basis of creation, is the only field from where the all-nourishing quality of law can be enlivened in all fields of life.
    The policies and programmes of Vedic Administration will derive their strength and nourishing authority from this field of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.

Vedic Administration will achieve the grand purpose of government, which is to protect the whole population from pain and suffering, problems and failures. The parental role of the government demands that laws are made to prevent people from making mistakes, by educating them to live in accord with Natural Law-providing a highway for peace and happiness. The government, through Vedic Administration, will fulfill the loftiest aspirations and grand hopes of the freedom fighters of India, and will establish Invincible India-Ideal India.

Modern Science Documents the Benefits of Vedic Administration
  • Improved International Relations
  • Increased Positivity in National Mood
  • Improved Quality of City, Provincial, National, and International Life
  • Decreased Crime, Turbulence, and Violence in Society
  • More Positive, Evolutionary Statements and Actions of Heads of State
  • Increased Progress towards Peaceful Resolution of Conflict
  • Greater Organizational Ability
  • Improved Problem-Solving Ability
  • Greater Ability to Assign Priorities
  • Greater Sense of Social Responsibility
Need to Introduce Vedic Administration Now

The current system of administration of India is not systematic and everyone is fed up with it-so much corruption, indiscipline, crime, negativity, disappointment in national life, so many long delays in the official performance of the government, everyone feels that the system of administration must be improved.

It is high time now, after 67 years of political freedom, India must be established on an ideal level of administration, and begin to really enjoy what freedom means.

Having thus made it clear that the need for change is already overdue, the supreme intelligence of Justice need to intervene and play an important role in outlining of the qualities and capabilities of an ideal administration. Honourable Supreme Court of India can create perfect administration-Vedic Administration-to do justice to the freedom of India, and rescue the nation through the power of law-the infinite organizing power of Natural Law. The supreme power of law is the invincible power of Natural Law. Supreme Court can reinforce national law with the invincible power of Natural Law, so that the country's political freedom becomes meaningful, and national law can gain the ability to prevent problems and be competent to maintain order in national life. Prevention from problems and crime is the only effective means to maintain order in the nation.

To establish Vedic Administration it will be good to introduce courses in all Universities, which will train the youth in Vedic Education, Vedic Health, and Vedic Administration, through the unfoldment of the total organizing power of Natural Law in their awareness.

It is strongly suggest that the government in India urgently takes measures to enrich national law through the invincible, evolutionary power of Natural Law, so that national law gains competence to stabilize the national administration of the country against destabilizing foreign influences. It is also suggested to Indianise Indian Administration by educating the youth of India in the system of Vedic Administration, which will introduce the supreme quality of administration based on Vedic Principles-Administration through Natural Law, Vedic Administration

It is further strongly suggested that the government immediately introduces the knowledge of Natural Law in all areas of national life in order to make its administration ideal, and create a problem-free nation. Knowledge of Natural Law introduced on all levels of education will raise education to completeness, offering Total Knowledge-the 'fruit of all knowledge'-mistake-free life in enlightenment-to everyone.

What is fortunate is that Vedic Administration is Administration through Natural Law; it is eternal, perfect administration under the Constitution of the Universe-under the all-knowing, all-powerful, invincible Constitution of the Universe, which is eternally lively in the intelligence of every grain of creation and also in the universe as a whole.