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Vedic Industry Programmes

"Vedic Industry will bring joy and fulfillment to owners, executives and workers and to the industry as a whole. A successful industry will greatly contribute to national economy, national growth, and national pride. It is time now to introduce Vedic Principles in all Industries of India. When you can enjoy happiness and fulfillment today, why wait for tomorrow? Do it today, do it now."
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

For industry to be productive, successful and fulfilling it has to be scientific-it has to he systematic in every way, so that it is always evolutionary; and if it has to be scientific, it has to be Vedic.

Realization of the Vedic quality in any industry will be through Vedic Consciousness gained through Vedic Education, Vedic Health Care, and Vedic Administration. This is applicable to all those involved in industry-the owner, the management, the labour, the raw material, the sales process, the market fluctuations, the banking systems, the profits, and the fulfillment-the goal of industry enjoyed by all concerned, on every level of industry.

The realization of the Vedic quality in any industry will be through Vedic Law-Natural Law, which is always evolutionary to everything and everyone. To make this point clear it must be mentioned that each of the forty qualities of the Vedic Literature, for example: Jyotish, Sthapatya Veda, Yoga, Vedant, Nyaya, Vaisheshik, Smriti, etc.-all the forty qualities of intelligence, all functioning together, simultaneously nourish all levels of creation, which is the expression of the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness-from the unmanifest field of Transcendental Consciousness, the field of all the Laws of Nature (Parame vyoman yasmin Deva adhi vishwe nisheduh), to all levels of its expression in Pashyanti, Madhyama, and Baikhari-all three fields of life-Adhyatmik, Adhidaivik, and Adhibhutik-covering the whole range of evolution of Natural Law in the ever-expanding, ever-evolving creation, and thereby maintaining the connectedness of individual life with Cosmic Life-Anoranyan with Mahato-Mahiyan-and through this, upholding the 'specific' identity of everything in one unified WHOLENESS-the UNI-VERSE-which is diversified on the surface and unified at the common basis of everything-the self-referral field of intelligence.

This connectedness of individual life with the Cosmic Reality is a very special feature of Vedic Industry, where everyone enjoys Vedic Consciousness, which naturally maintains the connectedness between individual life and Cosmic Life, fulfilling the purpose of evolution and enabling everyone to live the total creative intelligence of Natural Law. In this way, Vedic Industry will not only offer to society the material produce of industry, but at the same time will fulfill the spiritual purpose of evolution through any action-including activity in the fields of industry, commerce, trade, etc.-by spontaneously maintaining the daily life of everyone on the level of enlightenment. Such a balanced and purposeful character in every industry is vital.

This means that every industry must be raised to the level of Vedic Industry, where everyone involved will enjoy Adhyatmik, Adhidaivik, and Adhibhutik evolution-all-round total development; everyone will progressively realize Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha-progressive fulfillment on all levels, regardless of his activity at any level of industry-regardless of his profession.

This value, 'progressive fulfillment on all levels', is only available on the lively ground of Vedic Law-Natural Law. Natural Law is always intimate to everyone because that is what life is; that is what the creative process, which creates everything is; and that is what the evolutionary process is. Natural Law is that which is lively and active as the intelligence within every grain of creation, and is active at the basis of the whole ever-expanding universe.

This knowledge of Natural Law on the level of industry will make industry truly Vedic. Now is the time for every industry in India, big or small, to celebrate the dawn of perfection-the Vedic quality of industry. It is not right that industry, which is the basis of national existence and progress, remains out of the field of enlightenment. Now that Vedic Knowledge has been revived and has been found within everyone, the day is fast approaching to celebrate the dawn of Vedic Industry in every industry, big or small, in the Land of the Veda.

Vedic Industry means all activity based on the Vedic Principle of Action, which is Yogasthah kuru karmani-'Established in the Self, perform action'-perform action with a peaceful mind (not an agitated, stressed mind)-perform action with a settled state of mind because an unsettled state of mind will promote unsettled, stressful thoughts, and thinking will not be creative, and will not be useful for the fulfillment of the thought. Activity of routine work for anyone is generally cramping to creativity, and disallows the full blossoming of the creativity of the individual. Through Vedic Industry, the Cosmic quality will be lively in the individual's awareness, and routine work will never be stressful-routinely it will be expressive of Cosmic Creativity.

The connectedness of individual life with Cosmic Life is an immeasurable boon for the field of industry, the significance of which cannot be fully expressed in words. This is the gift of Vedic Industry that will be offered to every industry by introducing new laws for the glorification of life in India. Vedic Industry, from the authority of law, is going to raise the character of Indian industry to be a sparkling example for industry throughout the world. Through Vedic Industry in India everyone in the field of industry will enjoy fulfillment in enlightenment.

Vedic Industry will create invincible industry-automatic support of Natural Law for production and sales, and favourable, evolutionary conditions in all fields of industry-which means a problem-free, pollution-free, life-supporting quality of industry that provides all comforts and amenities for daily life without any hazardous, or life-damaging, element.

Raising industry to the level of Vedic Industry will glorify all aspects of national life. Vedic Industry will not only create a new sunshine for all concerned on the working level, but will serve as a direct means to improve the fortune of everyone, which has been shadowed due to wrong Vastu and the negative influence of the Grahas.

There has been a lack of knowledge of the Vedic Programmes that can neutralize any negative influence from the Grahas (planets), and spontaneously preserve the positive, life-supporting influence in the environment, and raise everyone to his maximum creativity in enlightenment. Through Vedic Industry, working hours will be reduced from eight hours to seven hours or less. The creativity of the people will be maximized through one hour of meditation (thirty minutes twice daily). This will increase productivity and profit for the company, and will naturally bring more bonus and dividends to the employees. This extra income will enable the employers and employees to build new healthy homes according to Vastu (Natural Law), and begin to live a more fortunate life, a more fulfilling life, a more progressive life, and a more happy life.

People do not know that living and working in buildings not built according to Vastu is in itself the basic cause of suffering. This principle of living in incorrect Vastu may be understood by the example of a man who has a drowsy state of consciousness, and the principle of living in a correct Vastu may be understood by the example of a man who has a fully awake, enlightened state of consciousness.

The fact is that the degree of incorrect Vastu can be gauged by the degree of health, happiness, and success a man experiences, and this can be verified by anyone, by comparing the life of the people in any city or village whose homes and offices face directly east with those whose homes and offices face south or are tilted in any other direction. It is very, very important that the residences and working places have correct Vastu.

The principles and programmes of Vedic Industry will be nourishing to every employer and employee, and therefore every employer and employee, in his own favour, should uphold the life-supporting theme of Vedic Industry for Vedic Life.

Modern Science Documents the Benefits of Vedic Industry
  • Decreased Absenteeism
  • Decreased Job Worry and Tension
  • Improved Health of Industrial Employees
  • Improved Job Performance and Satisfaction
  • Improved Relations with Co-Workers and Supervisors
  • Reduced Unemployment
  • Increased Creativity as Measured by Increased Patent Application
  • Improved Performance in Business-Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  • IFewer Accidents at Work