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Vedic Economy System

"The reason that Cosmic Economy is eternally balanced is that the galactic dynamism of Cosmic Life is sustained by the eternal silence (of empty space), which permeates the entire field of the ever-expanding universe.
Because dynamism is seated in silence, Cosmic Economy is eternally balanced-its infinitely powerful balancing power is sustaining order by balancing eternal dynamism on the ground of eternal silence."
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The means to achieve Vedic Economy is to develop Vedic Consciousness in the individual and national consciousness, so that the creativity of the people is supported by the infinite creativity of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law. Vedic Economy harnesses the total creative potential of Veda-the infinite organizing power of Natural Law-to enliven the Laws of Nature that initiate individual activity, and spontaneously uphold individual activity in the light of Cosmic Activity.

Individual activity according to Natural Law means that economy on both levels, individual and national, will uphold order-will always enjoy the abundance of the Cosmic Economy of Natural Law, which accounts for the order in the midst of infinite diversity. It is this Cosmic Accounting System that maintains order by keeping a proper account, moment to moment, of the movements of planets, stars, and galaxies-computing and spontaneously maintaining the harmonious relationship of every thing with everything else in the universe.

This is Vedic Economy, endowed with infinite balancing power, which maintains Vedic Order-Absolute Order-in the universe, maintaining the evolution of every thing, and fulfilling the purpose of creation in perpetual evolution. This is Vedic Economy, which provides evolution to all.

Any economic system is useless if it is not able to give satisfaction to a man regardless of his economic status. Bringing the value of economy on the individual level in tune with the economy of Natural Law on the Cosmic Level is the purpose of Vedic Economy. This amounts to enriching the growing economy of Natural Law on the individual level with the unbounded economy of Natural Law on the Cosmic Level-stabilizing the rising economy on the individual level with the supremely powerful value of eternal economy on the Cosmic Level.

Vedic Economy Needs Support of Vedic Science

Cosmic Economy is characterized by fullness of dynamism and fullness of silence; its dynamic nature is never isolated from the steady, silent field at its basis. This means that the silent steadiness of economy always upholds the dynamic progress of economy. Economy is the display of consciousness; and if the consciousness of the economist does not have that balanced character which balances dynamism with silence, as described in the phrase Yogasthah kuru karmani, it will not have that Vedic quality-Samhita quality of Rishi, Devata, Chhandas-unified quality of Adhyatma, Adhidaiva, Adhibhuta-silence upholding dynamism-silence and dynamism together-the quality of lively Totality. Therefore economy will not be balanced: the dynamism of economy will always wear the economist out-he will not have the infinite reservoir of energy and intelligence always at his disposal. It is like the dynamism of a wave unconnected with the ocean; at some point when the high crest of the wave becomes unconnected with the ocean, then it breaks down and falls flat.

In order to progress there must be balance between the rising wave and its stable basis in the ocean. For economy to be really progressive, steady, and never-failing, it is necessary that the consciousness, or intelligence, of the economist maintains the quality of balance between dynamism and silence. This value of Vedic Economy is simply unavailable in the field of modern economy, which is dynamism-based without any basis in silence; it is only a money based economy, a currency-based economy; and when we consider world economy, it is diversity-based economy-it is dominated by differences in currencies, and by fluctuations in the relationships between currencies.

The national economy of every country is constantly subject to international exchange controls and currency fluctuations-national currency fluctuations, which result in national currency controls that shake the economy of every nation. There is no country today that has an independent, self-sufficient economy; every economy is dependent on some other country's economy-every economy is tossed about by some other country's economy-and this is an absolute disaster for the economy of any country. The net result is that there is not enough money in any country for its development projects: poverty prevails in every country; suffering prevails in every country-there is no country in the world today that enjoys economic self-sufficiency.

When one considers the vast, naturally balanced economy of the universe-the economy of Natural Law-and then considers the very poor state of the economy of any country, it is obvious that no country has the advantage of Vedic Economy-no country has the knowledge and technology of Vedic Economy- and therefore no country has the organizing power to maximize its resources and naturally rise to self-sufficiency.

Vedic Economy functions through the 'Principle of Least Action, performing from the field of all possibilities-the field of creative silence, where the infinite organizing power of Natural Law is eternally fully awake-where the frictionless flow of intelligence results in progress without stress. Vedic Economy thrives through the principle of 'do less and accomplish more', which means accomplish maximum with minimum effort.

Economy must be based on scientific principles, and for it to be scientific it must be Vedic, because Vedic Science is fundamental to modern science. The principles of modern economy are really uneconomical. Is that economy worthwhile that engages both the rich and the poor in the continued search for wealth. This quality of economy is not fulfilling to anyone. The existing principles and programmes of economy must be supported by the principles of Vedic Economy-the consciousness of the economist must be supported by the balanced state of silent dynamism of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.

Vedic Economy means prevention from problems, prevention from suffering, prevention from any weakness. The goal of economics is freedom from weakness of any kind, and this is achieved through Vedic Education, which is education through knowledge; education through Total Knowledge. The means to enjoy the full value of Vedic Economy is to develop Vedic Consciousness through Vedic Education, Vedic Health Care, Vedic Administration, Vedic Defence, Vedic Industry, and Vedic Agriculture. Modern economy does not fulfill this criteria, and that is why it is inefficient; it is neither stable nor satisfactory to anyone.

India Needs Vedic Economy

Vedic Economy is vitally needed in every country in order to create a balanced world economy because the theories and systems of economy prevalent in the world make world economy very unstable, topsy-turvy, and damaging to the peace and harmony in the family of nations. Today the breath of every country's economy is the borrowed breath of some other country's economy because every country is in debt to some other country. The sinking ship of any one economy is the sinking ship of many economies-no economy in the world today can stand on its own feet, and any country that does stand on its own feet sooner or later is toppled through the economic maneuverings of some other countries. Same is situation of Indian economy. India can transform its economy to an ideal economy-Vedic Economy and be a guiding light to the world economy.

Vedic Economy delivers the source of wealth-it is also the course of wealth, and the goal of wealth; it is the system of an inexhaustible economy which will maintain the freedom and sovereignty of every nation. Vedic Economy means every economist has a balanced mind and a balanced intellect.

Vedic Economy means self-sufficiency on every level of evolution, because renewal of every level is spontaneously upheld by the total creative potential of Natural Law. This theme of self-sufficiency will be actualized on the level of administration-administration on the national level, state level, district level, and panchayat level will be established in economic self-sufficiency.

The Vedic Principles of Economy, introduced on all levels of governmental administration-in schools, colleges, and universities, and in industrial training programmes-will bring economic self-sufficiency to every citizen of India. The Vedic theme of economy will also provide facilities for the economic self-sufficiency of each state of India, because when each state handles its own economy progress will be enhanced on the state and local levels more effectively, and the quality of life in each state will rise.

Through the Vedic theme of economy, taxation will be minimized. Each area of national life will have a self-sufficient economic structure, which will require minimum support from taxation.

For life in India to be in peace, happiness, and continued progress, Vedic Economy is the only solution, and therefore must be introduced in the theme of national economy.

Modern Science Documents the Benefits of Vedic Economy
  • Enhanced Job Performance
  • Increased Profit and Productivity
  • Decreased Inflation and Unemployment
  • Increased Confidence, Optimism, and Economic Prosperity-Improvement in
  • Economic Indicators Worldwide
  • Rise of World Index of Stock Prices and Simultaneous Increase in Major Stock Market Indices
  • Increased Creativity as Measured by Increased Patent Application
  • Greater Ability to Accomplish More with Less Effort
  • Improved Employment Status
  • Improved Quality of National Life as Measured by an Index Including Gross National Product