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Vedic Government

Prevention Oriented Problem Free Government

Maharishi Ji has locates the Supreme Government at the unmanifest basis of creation, the home of Natural Law.

"Government is worthy of the name only if it has the ability to prevent the problems.
This new definition of government, provided by my Absolute Theory of Government, can be actualized by any government through the programmes that have substantiated the theory.
Any government that does not have the ability to prevent problems is itself a problem for the nation and a football of situations and circumstances.
Now the centuries-old struggling history of governments is destined to have a new sunshine of problem-free administration.
Every government in the world will enjoy the supreme status of a truly sovereign government."
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The centuries old struggling history of governments is destined to have a new sunshine of problem-free administration when National governments align themselves with the Government of Nature. We have to understand Absolute Administration, A Vision of Supreme Ruler ship, and a comprehensive examination of the Constitution of the Universe.

Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government

According to Maharishi's Vedic Science, there is an intimate connection between the Functioning of government and the quality of collective consciousness in society. From the Perspective of Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government, every action of the national government is seen as the expression of national consciousness, just as every action of the individual is an expression of individual consciousness. Maharishi Ji has explained that the government of any country, irrespective of its system-whether capitalist, communist, or any other system is governed by the collective consciousness of the nation. Whatever the quality of national consciousness, that will always be the quality of national government and National law. Maharishi emphasizes that whatever a government does, it is the doing of the collective consciousness of the nation, in the same way as anything done by the individual is motivated by the mind.

Because the quality of government activity is merely a reflection of the quality of national consciousness, Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government suggests that misguided or ineffective government policy, administrative inadequacies, and all other forms of governmental failure have their ultimate basis in stress and disorder in the collective consciousness of the nation. Thus one of the important channels by which collective consciousness influences the quality of national life is via the influence of national consciousness on government. This paradigm implies, for example, that to the extent that economic problems arise from, or are exacerbated by, the failure of governmental economic policy, the growth of stress in collective consciousness will adversely affect the economic health of the nation.

Problems of Indian Government

We are all aware of major problems of our country. We definitely need to improve overall Governance on every level of government. Infrastructure is not matching with population growth. Railway, Aviation, Roads, Power, Oil and Gas etc. are the area to attend immediately. Education needs lot of attention. Present education offered in India does not include any Indian values. Large number of conferences, seminars and workshops are done every year on education but without any useful outcome. Only some topic of subjects and exam patters are changed, but focus on content and qualify is missing. Enough attention is not given to Health Programmes, which is one of the top, most priority for citizens. Population Explosion is one of the reasons for mismanagement in many homes, societies, villages, cities and provinces. Proper planning, education and implementation of schemes on birth control is missing from education.

Poverty is another big challenge, which could be definitely handled with proper planning and new schemes. The major lack is the interest and willingness of Politicians and rich people to help alleviating poverty. Unmanageable Public Sector units are also a big challenge. Thousands of crores of hard-earned tax money is wasted by these units. Unfortunately no government wants to work on it. Managers and workers of these units, don't want to allow privatization of these units being afraid of streamlining of administration and end of corruption. This reminds us of corruption epidemic on all levels of administration in India; government and large number of private bodies.

Introducing Women Empowerment, Generating Unemployment Opportunities, Controlling Crime and Terrorism, Timely and Fair Justice, Challenges of Internal and Border Security, Production of Alternate Energy, Holding and Enhancing Economic Growth, Securing Environment, Dealing with Pollution, Maintaining Secular as well as guarantying Religious Freedom and Integrated Rural Development are some of many other serious problems, need immediate attention and solution.

Simple Vedic Solution to All Problems

Maharishi Ji has provided Vedic Solution to all problems of the governments. Ram Rajya-Administration through Natural Law, the age-old ideal of perfection in administration can be realized by every government through a simple Yogic, Vedic, Non-religious, Secular, Scientific formula of "A Group for a Government" -a group of Yogic Flyers performing from the quantum-mechanical field of consciousness, creating the phenomenon of the 'Field Effect'--Maharishi Effect--coherence in collective consciousness of the nation.

We have a very common and well-known saying in India: Ekahi Sadhe Sab Sadhe Handle that, by handling that, you can handle every thing else. That one value to handle is CONSCIOUSNESS. The group dynamics of consciousness harnessing the cosmic potential of the Constitution of the Universe, the total potential of Natural Law can only bless a government to be perfect, problem free government, supported by Natural Law. This Group for a Government only can create Ram Rajya-Administration through Natural Law, where government will not face any problem of any kind, where every one will be cordial and supportive to the government implementing it's plans and programmes in the interest of citizens.


Government of India and State Government must establish a Group of Yogic Flyers equivalent to square root of one percent of their respective Population. For example to India needs a group of 3535 Yogic Flyers at one place to practice twice daily Transcendental Meditation, TM-Siddhi Programme and Yogic Flying. Our dear Prime Minister who always mentions 125 crores Indians with great pride, need to sponsor only about 4000 (considering leave and physical presence) individuals to be full time to create peace, prosperity, invincibility for India. Same way all states governments can have their own group. Madhya Pradesh needs a group of 877 individuals, Uttar Pradesh needs to create a group of 1412 Yogic Flyers, J&K needs a very small number of 354 Yogic Flyers to come out of their problem. Where the problems are intense, number of practitioners can be increased till problems persist. This is like having extra forces sent to affected area or engineers designing a building with extra reinforcement in earthquake prone area. Governments don't need additional funds for this group. Government already has many groups under control; any Industry, Army, Paramilitary Force, Police Force or Students group could be chosen to create invincibility for nation. India will really be a shining star in family of nations and will also be able to guide other nations.